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Its Time to Go from Insecure to Self-Assured in our 4 weeks together. ARE YOU READY!... SET.....GO!      

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" Thank you Joanne!"

Joanne made our sessions "to the point" and hassle free! She was so easy to talk to, and even shared techniques, that I previously did not know about that were so easy and helpful! I can see things so much clearer now, thanks to Joanne."

Jenny M.

Industrial designer

Next Step is to complete the Pathway to Confidence >>Assessment Form<<  it emailed automatically and securely once you hit submit. Then you will receive emails for the next class with a video to watch for the content of that group.

  Sit back and relax as you get ready to start on your Pathway to Feeling more Confident and check out the sleep meditation as a Bonus for signing up BELOW.

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My Promise and Limitations 

My promise to you is to offer proven therapeutic solutions from my clinical experience. I will support you at the level that you feel you need to get the most out of this 4 week group. You may not get the same results as others, as the results are only an estimate of what can be achieved or started to achieve in 4 weeks. An Advanced Course will be offered.  There can be disturbances in relationship as one person changes their confidence level and the other person in the relationship, can feel left behind or lack the understanding of the new ways that you are presenting to them and cause conflict.  You may feel increased anxiety as you move through the fear of certain situations. Additional support is always available in private sessions for additional session investment.  I can not guarantee that you will achieve these goals or results, it does depend on the level of personal investment of your time and effort and your abilities to make the changes in your daily life that will be needed, to make and keep these changes in your confidence for the long term. I can't guarantee that these new skills will continue, unless you continue to practice to reinforce these skills until they are established as new habits.  If you ever feel that you want to harm yourself or someone else you must call 911 or 800 273-8255.