5 steps to Create Your Version of Success in Your Life

You will have a step by step Journal to process and see your progress on your pathway to Success

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Step 1-Feel Rich Inside and Out:

Look within to see... what you are NOT aware of to build a lifelong foundation to stay on the straightforward path to your Version of Success.

Step 2- Circumvent Fear with Purpose

Clarify your Success Killers-7 Saboteurs Belief Patterns and 5 core Universal Fears with 

Create new awareness to relieve the burden that they put on your success with Negative self-statements that will never get you to your goals.

Grow your self esteem

Step 3-Clarify what you want as your goal

•    What do you really want in your Life?

•    What will propel you to take the action and the responsibility to Receive it?

•    Find your True Purpose through the clarity

•    Define what Success means to you. 

•    Mold your Goals accordingly to your Beliefs and Desires  

Step 4- Know where to start to get to your goals

  • Allow your thinking and focus to shift to what you want instead of on fear. 

  • See where you are on the life steps you must achieve.

Step 5-Put is all together with a plan and the steps to reach your goals

  • Activate your Success Codes by practicing focus from your heart on your purpose that is stronger than fear

  • Keep the activation codes firing by developing you inner knowing and Trust that will keep them open to receiving.

You Need these 7 Principals and Skills to Find Success

You will Discover your purpose and your Powers that are bigger than fear to achieve Success with fulfillment

You will have Daily practices to increase your awareness. The  4 declarations that can bring health and happiness

You will have a 5 minute Meditation to create Habits that lead to Success.

You will know a Miracle Breathing technique to calm yourself immediately to help you refocus on your goal and control your anxiety or fears that are Success Killers. 

Using these practices will keep you on your success path 

Learn and Conquer the 7 Sabotaging Belief Patterns that has taken you off the goals as your Success Killers

#1-I am not worthy

#2 I am not good enough

#3 I don’t belong

#4 I must be perfect or don’t do it until it is.  Or do it until perfect

#5 I am invisible or powerless

# 6 I can’t trust myself or others and others don’t trust me

#7 I don’t know how—Or  I don’t have the capacity to do this or learn this. I can’t do it.

success now

Conquer These 5 Core fears by Dr. Todd Pressman


We all have and feel these fears. The difference between the successful people and failure is conquering ways to overcome these and then transform them into your strength to use to have higher self-esteem to move beyond the fears.

  1. Abandonment (loss of love, rejection, approval)

  2. Loss of Identity (the way others see me, who I really am, sense of my authentic self in relation to others)

  3. Loss of Meaning (fundamental sense of worth, money, finding meaning in life, what is my value?)

  4. Loss of Purpose (to Improve my lot in life and of others in the world, to feel a drive to express oneself, or do what I am meant to do here)

  5. Fear of Death (including fear of sickness and pain, suffering)

  • You will develop ways to defend against having these vulnerable feeling by developing your chief defense to protect yourself. 

  • Avoidance, pleasing others, class clown, denial, rationalizing, minimizing.

Feel Rich Inside using this Success Now Journal