Go Beyond Your Self-Limiting Thoughts 

Acquire the Success Skills in Counseling You Missed Learning

To Live Your True-Life Purpose

         Unlock Your Life's Potential Through Inspired Counseling Sessions

Live your true-life purpose out of the shadow of anxiety and fear. We offer private sessions from a 30+ year inspired therapist that understands life situations. Joanne has methods to cut through complex life issues to give skills to practice in every session, that you cannot learn elsewhere, none of these skills are taught in schools or colleges.

Joanne's ‘Alignment Formula' and Emotional Tension Release energy therapies are fast acting techniques to turn self-doubt and overthinking into self-empowerment. What used to take years to release, now can take months.

Whether in private sessions or self-healing workshops, using these simplified techniques can open up limitless possibilities. You can use these techniques as a blueprint yourself, to change your life, to consistently bring you success, in relationships, business, and creating a happier fulfilling life.

Joanne specializes in the treatment of anxiety and trauma, and she offers certification for Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD). This innovative approach provides a game-changing solution for individuals grappling with challenges of Anxiety or PTSD. This enables these clients to legally have their dog accompany them in all public places, serving as a valuable treatment options for Autism, Depression and many other mental health challenges go to https://esapros.com to see how to qualify for  a certified Psychiatric Service Dog .

"Get Psyched"

For those who prefer a DIY approach, We have designed Video Courses especially for effective and ease of use.

"These techniques in Joanne's Workshops; gave me insights into what has been holding me back from taking next steps in my business, and it gave me inspiration on what to do about it from a deeper place than just "changing my thinking." I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for new tools to use on their road towards lasting change in their lives.”


Joanne excels at transforming complex life situations into practical techniques for overcoming the burden of shame, uncertainty in navigating challenging emotional scenarios, and situations that nobody ever taught you how to handle, yet you hold yourself to the expectation of knowing.

In each session, she imparts effective tools that can be immediately applied to your daily life. She emphasizes that the first crucial step is to examine your focus and thought processes concerning the situation. Many tend to fixate on worst-case scenarios, but Joanne provides insights on how to reverse this tendency using her Alignment Formula.

Additionally, Joanne offers a complimentary downloads, to empower you to independently feel empowered in your growth. She encourages you not to let fear or limiting beliefs hinder your pursuit of a purposeful life and suggests seeking assistance from a compassionate professional who can guide your life in the desired direction.

Joanne specializes in offering clarity for your journey towards achieving personal and professional success. She achieves this through private sessions, inspirational podcasts, and life-transforming courses that break through self-imposed limitations.

About Me.

With 30 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Joanne S. Williams has assisted thousands of clients in overcoming their limitations. She imparts straightforward and promptly effective techniques to alleviate anxiety, tension, and worry.

Joanne specializes in the treatment of anxiety and trauma, and she offers certification for Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD). This innovative approach provides a game-changing solution for individuals grappling with the challenges of anxiety and depression in today's complex world. It enables them to legally have their dogs accompany them, serving as a valuable treatment option for chronic PTSD, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety.

License # California-22409

Lic. # Texas-66680,

Her Clients  Say...

Dawny B

" Fell in love with Ms. Williams voice, comfortable to talk with and is really open to everything you say.."

Kendall K

"My consultation was great! Not only was I able to work it around my schedule, but it wasn't long and drawn out. We got right to the point and it was painless. I highly recommend using this process.."

Don J.

" I have been searching for a year now for someone to help me and my son and no one seemed to know what to do. Now I have found someone thank goodness and just in the nick of time. Thank you!."

Joanne's Podcasts provide informational ways  on how to manage anxiety and fascinating guests to explore ways to  come out of the shadows of anxiety, fears from trauma to realize we all have anxiety, it is just learning skills to manage it so you aren't avoiding life.

She shares Immediately useable techniques to calm yourself anywhere, anytime.

Self- awareness inspires your authentic voice to Speak up - Stand up for youself. Your goals await you when you have less anxiety. 


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