June 21, 2021

Podcast 49: 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness

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Creating your Authentic Self

Podcast (Audio Only)

Anxiety Simplified and Joanne Williams are celebrating 1 year anniversary doing podcasts every week. I am offering a frameable print of the 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness for your desk to remind you of living mindfulness qualities.

These 7 attitudes can be life changing.

The 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness according to Kabat-Zinn

  1. Being Non-Judgmental- "Just noticing" SIT WITH IT
  2. Beginner's Mind- Approach each new task with an open mind.
  3. Non-Striving-Focus on the process, not just the outcome. "Life is about the journey, not the destination."
  4. Acceptance-Pathway to peace, and "it is what it is."
  5. Letting go- Releasing one's "grip" on a situation. Letting go generally results in a freeing response.
  6. Patience- With ourselves and others. Patience teaches us how to wait with grace. Love yourself the way you are.
  7. Attitude of Trust in the Process- "Life is about the journey, not the destination," Believe in a Higher Self or Source. It will happen when it is Supposed to happen

Start this practice today on a walk today.

Think about how "being in the moment" where there is no fear of sadness this can be practiced with each activity practice mindfulness in activities of daily living?



  • Think about looking toward the horizon during the walk instead of down at your feet.
  • Consider the art of breaking this walk down into slow motion, as if you are experiencing it for the first time (i.e., beginner's mind).
  • Standing tall, let your heel connect with the earth and allow the front part of your foot to point towards the sky.
  • Very slowly step down, shifting the weight from your heel to the ball of the foot.
  • Shift the weight from the ball to the toes.
  • Deliberately repeat this same motion on the other foot.
  • Continue taking this walk in this slow, deliberate fashion, observing each sensation with a new awareness. Let your walk truly be an exercise in mindful meditation.

This is by no means a replacement for therapy of any medical attention if you need it.  Always reach out and take care of yourself or if you are feeling like you want to hurt yourself, there is always someone standing by at 1800-273-8255 or call 911.

Or go to https://esapros.com for an emotional support animal or a Psychiatric Service Dog to go with you everywhere.

Frameable Print of the 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness

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