February 22, 2021

Podcast 35: Alternative Health to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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How Emotional Health Can be Affected by Lack of Nutrients

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode: Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Eva Vennari, NC, Nutritional Counselor and Holistic Health Practitioner how our body is involved and affected by our emotional health.

Eva is a formerly sick corporate ladder climber turned holistic practitioner and she works virtually with high performers as their secret weapon to stay in the game without burnout. It's science-based, - no trends, no fads, and no drugs... ever.  Some of things that you thought you knew about health you will want to rethink.

Summary of today Podcast:

  1. What are some hidden physical aspects of the anxiety experience?
  2. Strategies to look at anxiety from a body level and how lack nutrients may be part of the cause?
  3. Why is it more important now than ever to pay attention to your body’s needs?
  4. How we must be taking nutrient supplements even if we eat right?

Question for today is? Is there a complete healing?

Eva Vennari got into the field of nutrition counseling because of her own burnout and health issues, that many listeners, may identify with that when doctors couldn’t find any immediate medical cause and called it psychosomatic and nothing they can do to help. So she started her own research to find the underlying causes of her own immune disorder.  It took her 30-60 days of a nutritional program to start her healing.  She has had phenomenal results with her own healing and now offers this to others.  

If you learn to listen to your body and learn how to give it what it needs you can increase the harmony between you mind and body with natural treatments. Emotional issues, that have bothered you for years, can be released though the physical healing process with the right nutrients.

She described the 4 stages of healing:

  1. The body will only deal with the immediate needs, it must Build up the energy needed first. Survivor first.
  2. Healing process starts with needing to break down what is needed to be healed.
  3. Clear the way of the toxins, parasites, viruses, in layers.
  4. Rebuilding, allowing the bodies natural process of healing to happen with time and patience.

She has scientific methods to analyze the mineral content in your hair with each stage of the healing process to reassess to clarify the needs.

She sees that the clash between the head and the heart is part of the incoherence that causes the dis-ease without recognizing that we are a whole unit that needs to work in conjunction with each part to create the synergy of healing and optimal health

Eva Vennari’s website Theelevateinstitute.com for more information:

She has her own Podcast: ‘When the Doctors Say I don’t Know’

She is offering a free Chinese Face Reading at this website. You send a selfie, and she will do an analysis.

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