October 1, 2021

Podcast 63: Declutter Your Life with Krystal Holm

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Podcast (Audio Only)

Success Rituals & The Million Dollar Habit

Joanne’s special guest is Krystal Holm, she understands entrepreneurs’ challenges since she is the founder of Designed Life Studio and the creator of The Designed Life Method℠.

She grew up with a lot of physical, mental, and emotional abuse and was always told she would never amount to anything.

Then in 2016 she suffered a work comp injury that left her unable to walk facing the rest of her life in a wheelchair. She could no longer work and was basically left to fend for myself.

She began doing Hatha Yoga every day to heal her body and get her life back. She used her knowledge of feng shui, to intentionally create a self-care space that would energetically boost her results and help her heal faster.

She was able to get herself unstuck physically, mentally, and emotionally, heal her body, and grow a successful business in the process. Today she developed her framework The Designed Life Method and helps her clients to do the same to way to transform people space to create change in their life so you can also. She used this alignment to heal her body.

She sees the relationship between the client’s home or office space and their internal and external lives.   She understood how energy in your space can be used as an engine to move or drive energy in ways to transform or manifest things in your life.   She helps clients form a big picture to see the connections between their space and their life to be in alignment with the connections between you and your energy.

The Million-dollar habit is to declutter your home using the 5 elements blended together to be in alignment to flow in the room to feel comfortable and you will want to in that space. The 4 pillars of her The Designed Life Method, blends and aligns, to have their space as a reflection of the internal, thinking and feeling states in alignment to create the prosperity and life purpose you truly desire.

The client’s home is a map to see the bigger picture in their life.  It shows up in their space as a reflection internally, of what they believe or think. And reflects in their financial world as well as all realms in their life.  When it is in alignment, it can shift your inner and outer worlds into alignment.

She Offers declutter your mindset PDF free download: 5 step method the process of letting go to Declutter your Mind, body, home to align your frequency to Harmony.  At www.declutteryourmindset.com

For an office space consultation at PeaceandProsperityalignment.com

Joanne’s Information: FB Esaevaluation16

AnxietySimplified.net Podcast videos to feel more in control of your life.

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