Emotional Support Animals

​Are You Suffering From Fear and Anxiety....

Now You Can Feel the Peace and Calm of Keeping Your Emotional Support ​Animal With You in Public Housing Or ​On Airlines

Stop Feeling Fearful and Get Your ESA Letter In As Little As 24 Hours

3 Easy Steps to Quickly Get  Your ​​ESA Registration Letter

Find Out in 30 Seconds If You Qualify

Does this Sound Familiar?

​​Are you ever fearful getting on a plane, or going out in public? Does your landlord want you to get rid of your pet? Do you want to take your pet with you ​when you travel? Are you tired of being excluded from businesses because they won't allow your pet?

Let's face it, our ​emotional support animals are more than just 'animals'...they are family.

​I understand what it's like to be afraid of going out in public. Everything was going so fast. I wasn't able to process all the stimuli coming at me. I was confused and disoriented. Getting on an airplane, with security and transfer hassles, was the worst.

Strangely enough, when I took my pet with me for walks, those feelings disappeared. That's when I started to notice I was always calmer when I was around my pet. I told my therapist about about my feelings and she said I should look into getting an emotional support animal.

I'm glad I did. It changed everything. Now "Riley" goes with me everywhere. Now when those "feelings" appear, Riley feels them too and he starts reassuring me. I'm instantly calmer and more ​self confident to deal with life's little hassles.

Why have 100's of happy customers ​used ​ESApros for their ​ESA Letters? 

We understand what you're going through and want to help. Many ESA providers don't even want to talk to you. We do! Because we care!

We know how much a therapy pet can help you. As a licensed professional, I have been in the business of helping people just like you for over 20+ years. That's why 100's of our customers return to us year after year.

If you've been feeling lonely, depressed, or fearful, then you owe it to yourself to be able to keep your pet with you to experience the peace and calm that your ​emotional support animal ​provides.

That's Why We've Made This Process...

Quick, and Simple In 3 Easy Steps...

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​Fill Out Our Short Questionnaire

​In 30 seconds using our free pre-qualifying form will help you see if you are immediately qualified for a ​emotional support animal or therapy pet.  (99% of people are)

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Only Licensed Therapists 

No worries. Now you know ​you ​qualify ​for a Therapy pet. Once we have your payment you will automatically go to our ​evaluation form. We will finish the process with a licensed therapist who will call you ​to your complete evaluation 

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​Get Your ESA Letter

You'll get your 100% legal ESA letter by email usually within 24-36 hrs. after your phone evaluation. Never worry about unfair housing and airline fees or deposits again.

Real Testimonials

esa dog

Debbie P


Verified Buyer

Joanne Williams, is excellent.  She not only  does a great consultation, but she keeps her clients well informed.

emotional support dogs



Verified Buyer

Simply could not travel without my ESA-the loyal, trustworthy, loving dog! Thank you to Joanne for working so hard to make sure we have the right to travel with our BFF.

Service animal

Jasmine G. 


Verified Buyer

My experience with Joanne was beyond excellent and positive. She immediately emailed and called back the next day.  She is very kind and compassionate and literally takes the time to go into detail with your history and current situation. Her diagnosis was right on point. I would definitely recommend Joanne to anyone who can benefit from an ESA.

​You Could Be Enjoying These Benefits With Your Emotional Support Animal Now

  • F​ind out if you qualify in 30 seconds or less before you've paid a dime
  • Get your ESA letter in as little as 24 hours.
  • ​​Avoid your landlord or HOA forcing you to get rid of your pet, even if they legally demand it.
  • ​​​Bring your pet with you on airlines.
  • ​​​​Go anywhere and "Feel the calm" of having your pet with you at all times.
  • ​​​​​You'll be surprised and delighted at how easy, fast, and painless our process is.

You'll Get Immediate Benefits You'll Love...

Effective Treatment

Most clients report their emotional support animal has improved the quality of their lives as well as their symptoms. 

100% Legal

Our ESA Letters are written ​with federal laws in mind that provide ​our clients with emotional disabilities access to housing and air travel with no extra fees or hassles. 

Licensed Therapist 

We have licensed, experienced and caring Therapists who understand and respect your need for an ESA. You'll enjoy talking to these Licensed professionals. 

Affordable and Cost Effective

​Our goal is to make ESA letters available to every qualified individual that needs protection from unreasonable pet deposits and air travel fees. 

Contact Us for Continued Support

Contact Next Generation Psychology anytime you have questions, on the web or mobile, without worrying about privacy. 

Your Info is 100% Secure

We Keep your information 100% secure with the most advanced encryption. Our therapists maintain strict professional and ethical codes regarding client confidentiality. 

​It Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?

I'm glad you asked that. While some providers may be cheaper, beware, you might not be getting the quality you deserve. Some companies charge separately for the airlines or the Housing letter. We include both airlines and housing in one letter for one price. Some dealers won't talk to you after the sale. Some ESA Letters aren't even legitimate. We are and our letters are 100% legal. We stand behind our product and we'll even come to your aid if you have any problems. See our 100% guarantee below. It speaks for itself.

As to our prices...

  • ESA Letters
  • Renew​als
pricing table 1

​1st. ESA Evaluation

If this is your first ESA Letter, click here


Initial ESA Evaluation

1st Evaluation  w/Wallet Letter

​1st. Evaluation with wallet ID.


Initial ESA Eval w/Wallet letter

Express Initial ESA eval

1st. Express ESA Evaluation (within 24 hrs)


Express Initial ESA Eval

Express Initial ESA eval

1st. Express ESA Evaluation (within 24 hrs)


Deluxe Initial Express w/Wallet ESA letter

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you're unsatisfied for any reason simply contact me for a prompt no hassle, no invasive questions, no BS refund.

By now you've realized this is the solution you've been hoping for. Maybe there is still a little voice in the back of your head saying "Will this really work for me?" The answer is an unequivocal YES! In fact, we guarantee it. Go ahead and pick the solution above that is right for you and click the order button. If you aren't 100% satisfied all you have to do is contact me for a prompt no hassle, no invasive questions, no BS refund.

So order now.

We are so sure of our product that if our ESA letter doesn't stop your landlord or airline from evicting your pet, we'll go to bat for you! All you have to do is show us your rejection letter and we will contact the airlines or your landlord ourselves to resolve the situation.

​​Now you have a choice...Do nothing and continue to feel scared and helpless, or continue searching for a solution.
or you can take action now and start feeling the calm that comes with having your emotional support pet with you.
If you want the anxiety and feeling of helplessness to disappear and finally get the peace you deserve, then your choice is clear:

Click the Pre-qualifying button below to get started.

PS...You won't find an easier, faster, less painful way to get an ESA Registration Letter. That's because our therapist has felt your pain and been able to help hundreds of people just like you. That's why it's important for you to feel the calm and peace with having your pet with you.

​PSS...One last thing I didn't mention, if you order now I'll toss in a bonus digital eBook outlining all the federal laws which are on your side. When you can quote federal law, chapter and verse, even the hard-hearted landlords and business owners have to listen and relent.

​​Have Questions?
Most People Do. 

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