November 9, 2020

Podcast 20: 7 ways to live an Awesome Life

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Podcast (Audio Only)

Sorry the the sound quality is not the best, my mic was off, but, I want you to hear Karen Stultz awesome information.

Karen Stultz CHT, CIWC , CPC, works as a Mindset Coach, to teach and support women in transition to discover and enjoy life on Purpose with Passion.  And she has her own Awesome Life Podcast can find on all the major platforms.

Summary of today Podcast: A Summary of Today’s Show;

  • Increasing Your Awesomeness Quotient: 7 Simple Steps to building an Awesome Life –
  • Tools For living an Awesome life.
  • Quotes for an awesome life.
  • She has found simple ways to live and love life with Awesome Health, Joy and Freedom!

And Some of our favorite quotes: My favorite quote: “Following your Bliss- You will Put Yourself on a track that has been there all along waiting for you to use as your guiding Star”. Joseph Campbell

Karen’s quote “An awesome Life doesn’t have to be hard…Just allow it.”

Zig Ziglar “Look for the good”

“Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Place, but nothing grows there” A Navy saying.

Karen went into the coaching world and got trained after taking care of her parents with dementia. Then got trained EFT. No popping pills to Heal in the moment in the stress and anxiety. She has a Toolbox of tools to help others.  Allow it.  An Awesome life doesn’t have to be hard. Allow, Wellness, Enjoyment, Success, Openness, Money, Energy is her Awesome Quotient.

We practiced some Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Find Karen’s gift at: Awesome by Design Playbook- 8 areas of life at 50% off.  Stumbling blocks that can be a gift once I look to see.  Mention Anxiety Simplified

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Our favorite part of recording is answering your questions, from Face book at  Leave comments in the comment section, we will answer on a Podcast on that subject.  So, listen for your question.  Or share it with someone who may be helped with that answer. 

Our next podcast: 10 things That Create a Great Life

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