October 12, 2020

Podcast #16 Overcoming Obstacles – Ways to Stay in Your Own Power Through Adversity

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Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses: Overcoming Obstacles with Meredith Alexander discussing a Real-life Tragedy Story turned into Life Strategies for overcoming obstacles. “Our Scars are our Greatness.” “Our Scars are your Cloak of worthiness” says Meredith Alexander

Summary of today Podcast:

  • An interview with Meredith Alexander who tells her daughters story that still impacted thousands and has been featured in media stories all over the world
  • How to pivot from feeling overwhelmed to the mindset where you can stay positively focused during extreme events in your life?  
  • And how to get to your “end game” in life, that you love waking up for, even when those boulders cross your path!
  • To begin to harness the secrets of the inner and outer game that can help you achieve amazing things — even those, that previously might have seemed impossible. 
  • And we will share some of Meredith favorite Quotes: If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. A women African Leader
  • Quote from Walt Disney: “I Always Like to Look on the Optimistic side of Life, but, I am realistic enough to know what Life is a complex matter”.
  • Question for today is? Can fear be a good thing to have?

Our Interview today is with Meredith Alexander. She is a bestselling author, peak performance coach, inspirational speaker and G.R.I.T. mindset expert.  Her book is THE SKY IS THE LIMIT hit the #1 New Release in the motivational category on Amazon.

Meredith tells her Daughter’s story of a tragic accident that could have ended her life and the way that she sees the world in a different light now because of it.   She made a conscious choice on the long Plane flight to South American where her daughter was in the ICU, not knowing whether she would be writing her daughters legacy or choosing to rise up and present herself to her daughters bedside as the “Rock” she needed or as the 2nd victim of this accident.  

She rose up, like the Phoenix from the ashes of fear, and she found a way to “Ask a different question” to create a new story than what her doubts wanted to tell her and using Gratitude as a way to feeling whole and healthy through the ordeal and help others find a new story . She created steps in her G.R.I.T Academy to 1st pause first and Identify to get your direction before stepping through the fear.  To create a new way to look at what could be either horrible story or a new beginning. “If your Doubts in your mind are your enemy, You Imagination is your Friend “

She has Created the G.R.I.T academy to help others unlock their True self.  And shares how to make Fear your superpower when harnessed.

Join the Conversation

Our favorite part of recording is answering your questions, from Face book at AnxietySimplified.net.  Leave comments in the comment section, we will answer on a Podcast on that subject.  So, listen for your question.  Or share it with someone who may be helped with that answer. 

Listeners can buy Meredith Alexander's book The Sky is the Limit here: http://bit.ly/skyisthelimitstory

Email: meridith@meridithalexander.com

Website: www.meridithalexander.com (speaking)

Website: www.gritmindsetacademy.com (coaching)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/schuyisthelimit 


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