August 4, 2020

Podcast 5: Make time for your meditation

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Introduction to anxiety simplified

5-minute Meditation to Have Your time.

Sit comfortably relax this is Your time.
Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth 4 time slowly to get above your thoughts.
Work toward the exhale being longer than inhale, allow your belly to rise as you breathe in, it will help to
oxygenate the brain.

Best technique for Anxiety and for Panic Attacks.

Listen to nature, enjoy the quiet.
Breath into the right side of your brain. It will calm the thinking left side. Do this several times, as you feel the left brain quieting your thinking.

Notice the quieting of your mind. Allow the thoughts to take a break.
Visualize your thoughts being put in a basket and sliding away to have your time. Breath and Listen to the sounds of Nature, grounding you. Feel like you’re are in the Forest.  Smell the Pine, feel in the pulling of the earth. Or on the beach on the warm sand and hot sun. or floating on a floaty feeling the relaxation coming over you. Feel relaxation dripping off your toes and let the thoughts go
into the basket and Let go Time of BE-ing, Listen and go within- what do you hear.

Can you hear the angels singing, hear their beautiful voices, of if you hear children voices, or duties calling say 5 minutes? This Is your time, call yourself back to you.

Go into your heart to focus on your heart. Be grateful. Feel pleased or satisfied in your life. Fell the gratefulness. Enjoy your time-As we come back. Notice how the world looks a l little brighter more loving. Send that love and grateful ness out into the work with your Smile. Come back anytime to Your Time.

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