August 12, 2020

Podcast 6: Low Self Esteem, Imposters Syndrome and Anxiety

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How Self Esteem and Poor Self Image effects our financial Potential

Audio Podcast

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We explore how anxiety can Affect our outlook on life, our prospects for jobs and relationships. With an Issue called the Imposters Syndrome with a special guest Patti Grimm, who has written a book called Quiet women never changed History. 

Low Self Esteem and Poor Self Image effects our financial Potential. This constant feeling of lacking in competence, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Sufferers fear being discovered as a fraud as an intense motivator to always do better. Patti Grimm is a guest on the podcast, her book. Quiet Women Never Changed History. Speaks to confidence and empowerment for Women as Solutions for the Impostors Syndrome.  Knowing your strengths to speak up and kick some Glass.

Low Self Esteem

This constant feeling of lacking in competence, despite all evidence to the contrary, causes people who suffer with IS to beat themselves up about their abilities. It is common that they will constantly set unrealistic goals for themselves, Subconsciously, or out of your awareness, which are then failed and used as another piece of evidence to back up their incompetency.

Imposters Syndrome

For some sufferers, this fear of being discovered as a fraud is an intense motivator to always do better and although this may reflect well in grades, work performance or perceived parenting ability, it comes with the price of suffering constant anxiety over the thought of being caught.  

This can be an issue in Relationships or even friendships. You can build an outside persona to cover up the feelings that you feel about yourself that are shame filled, or feeling of unworthiness.

People who suffer with anxiety disorders may experience IS in the form of feeling like they don’t belong in social or performance situations. Picture this: during your big presentation at work, which is already tainted with anxiety about standing up in front of so many people, you feel like you’re completely winging it, even though you know exactly what you are talking about. Afterwards, when everyone is congratulating you on how well It went, you’re unable to enjoy it because of IS reminding you repeatedly that your success is nothing but sheer luck.

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