March 8, 2021

Podcast 37: The Weight Loss Habit:The Weight Loss Habit: The No BS, No Gimmicks (Sort Of) Easy Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Forever by Steven Ray Marks

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Easy Weight Loss Strategies for People with Anxiety

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Steven Ray Marks, author of The Weight Loss Habit: The No BS, No Gimmick, (Sort Of) Easy Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Forever

Steven started his childhood wealthy, then suddenly switched to being raised by a poor single mother working nights after his attorney father got caught stealing from his clients. He has a BA in Economics from Georgetown University, and an MFA.

He grew up overweight, then in his mid-20s figured out an effective strategy for losing weight, lost 60 lbs. and has kept the weight off since. These are the methods he used to lose 30% of my body weight and keep it off 20 years, without exercise and while still eating the foods he enjoys. And reducing his anxiety rather than worsened it like some of the current diet methods.

Summary of Todays show:

  1. Lifelong weight loss for people who struggle
  2. Self-Improvement made easy
  3. Why is this program different
  4. Why are diets so ineffective for most people?
  5. What’s different about the strategies in Stevens book The Weight Loss Habit?

Question for today is? Why is weight loss particularly challenging for people with anxiety?

 Steven shared 3 keys to weight loss is to build good eating habits.

  1. Building good eating habits by praising yourself for good decisions, not punishing yourself for bad decisions.
  2.   An effective weight loss strategy has to be something you’re willing to keep up for life. Which means it must be easy and relatively pleasant. If your diet/exercise program makes you miserable, you’ll end up quitting it and gaining the weight right back.
  3. The most important weight loss habit is to take a moment to think before you eat, buy, or prepare food, rationally decide if and how much is a good idea to eat, and then praise yourself for good decisions. It can be a good decision to occasionally eat unhealthy food if you really want it. It’s also be a good decision to eat smaller amounts of unhealthy food.

There are many reasons traditional weight loss strategies don’t work and are especially difficult for those who suffer from anxiety. He had depression and anxiety as a kid. “A wall of awful” is what his wife calls her anxiety.

All or nothing thinking, self-deprivation. Super Will power or just Give up or give in.

A shame-and-blame approach, huge time and effort commitments, all-or-nothing thinking, self-deprivation, and requiring more willpower than you have turns any attempt to lose weight into an overwhelming wall of awful.

In the Weight Loss Habit, Steven lays out an alternative that is different from other strategies because it is using reinforcement of the positive choices without blame and shame.

Use the path of least resistance. Have food available that you can eat. Keep things simple and Frozen food are easy. Feel satisfied with smaller bite, 1 M&M, Focus on your goal.

Developing a new habit, by being willing to do it forever, easy and with pleasure.  Think first, celebrating pride fundamental part. Replace old habit. Very consciously.

By using a positive approach and small, easy steps, you can build that habits that will allow you lose weight and keep it off for life.

Better self-talk. Be Kind to yourself.

He does use scales to weigh himself Weekly to see progress and then celebrate it.

Focus on what you want, clothes fitting, looking like you want to.

Some simple changes can make this easy to start. Switch to Diet soda, Have gum for dessert, Sugar free flavoring like Stevia, play a game instead of eating, Candy crush, hijacks your brain, fights craving and anxiety.

Steve has a giveaway for our Listeners can get a free guide for losing weight while eating fast food and lists low-calorie options at America’s top fast food chains, from The Weight Loss Habit called “Eating Fast Food for Fun and Weight Loss.

He blogs about making self-improvement easier at

Find Steven Ray Marks book: The Weight Loss Habit on amazon at

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