October 20, 2020

Podcast 17: Transgender Support Groups and Resources

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Podcast 17: Transgender Support Groups and Resources

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses: Transgender Life with Jack Ori, MSW Part 1 Definitions of the pronouns for use when discussing Transgender issues. How to Live Authentically with the 1st steps to expressing and Accepting who you are.

Summary of today Podcast:

  • An interview with Jack Ori, MSW who tells his story of his gender transition
  • Mental Health Issues involved with transitioning
  • Social Obstacles to living authenticity
  • Misperceptions about gay and Lesbians after transitioning
  • Pronouns and Inclusion in our Language
  • What the media gets wrong
  • Question for today is? What is best way to understand a person who is choosing authenticity of being who they while transitioning.
  • Our Interview today is with Jack Ori, MSW. Who graduated from Columbia University. He is an author of a novel ‘Reinventing Hannah’ and a guide to empower youth to live authentically.

We discussed how to Live Authentically in the skin you are in, as he lives opening as a transgender man and then part 2 of the next podcast we will discuss how Jack discovered he was diagnosed with Autism in his 30’s and how autism and effects on his life can have benefits

We will be educated and discuss the pronouns to use for inclusion in our language for the transgender population.

Transgender Support and Resources

Jack made some suggestions and ways to understand about the complicated and confusing topic for parents, teenagers or anyone struggling with their gender identity?

Jack works as a free-lance writer, life coach for transgender and autistic youth and differently abled young adult through his writing and individual and group coaching. He worked at the center for Alternative Sentencing for case management with pre trail clients in any alternative to Bail program.

The question of the day is: With your experience working with Transgender Youth, how can our listeners help to understand what our transgender youth are going thru and ways to increase understanding and support.

He has seen how Medias representation on Mental health has affected lives.

The Social pressures to act a certain way or being or to feel rejected by Society

Self-defined masculinity and femininity by society with unconscious ways of being.

Trans person anxiety -go out and let things go or say things, jury duty presenting.

Paperwork with gender on it makes feeling every time it is presented.

His parents were accepting- but with family anxiety produced.  They felt doubts in their self. They had learned to call them by a certain name at birth.  Awkward situations. Stuck in the middle between parents and their friends.

Youth that their parents are not supported.  He encouraged all young adult to ask for help.  Find someone at school.  High suicide rate at 40%.

Discussed how Policing has affect him and your clients.

Transgender Counseling and Support Groups

Social Justice issues.  Presentation about Transgender clients. An issue is that many persons kicked out of the home and job discrimination. Turn to prostitution to eat. Our jail system is separated by gender cycle of thing that happen starting with issues because of the transgender issue.  Or bad experiences with PO and trauma issues of fear.

Police are not trained to deal with Mental Health issues. Police Officers are there to take in criminals not a mental health issue.  Trainings would help them to take the time to understand the fear that some transgender person has encountered before or the bullying or trauma that they may have had.

There can be many issues that a transgender person can come up against.  Identify with a woman on the license but present as a man.  

Jack’s share that there are positives to who you are. Help find the treasures within and it is not hopeless.

Jackaori.com/lovestandingout Guide for teens.

Join the Conversation

Our favorite part of recording is answering your questions, from Face book at AnxietySimplified.net.  Leave comments in the comment section, we will answer on a Podcast on that subject.  So, listen for your question.  Or share it with someone who may be helped with that answer. 

Our next podcast Autism and its effects on life with Jack Ori, MSW Part 2.

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