March 1, 2021

Podcast 36: Understanding Your Dreams

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Learn to Interpret Your Dreams

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Debbie Weisman the Dream Coach, She a Best-selling Author,  Writer or contributor to 29 books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, In addition to her coaching work, Debbie is the co-owner of a film and video production company with films including the film What the Bleep Do We Know! and the Dreaming Heaven a spiritual documentary.  

Debbie is also the best-selling author of over twenty novels, including five of the original books in the popular Sweet Valley High series.

She credits her dream work with inspiring her to return to writing. Her most recent books include 101 Dream Dates: How to Say I love You To the Most Important Person in Your Life--

Summary of today Podcast: 

  1. Why Dreams are important or why we should pay attention to them.
  2. Why you need a Dream coach?
  3. A system for turning those nightmares into sweet dreams. Believe your dreams
  4. How can one dream change your life?
  5. How can my dreams affect me if I don't remember them?

Question for today is? What are some of the most frequently dreams dreamed?

Debbie helps dreamers understand their dreams. She asks aspects of the Dream or Symbols that the dreamer interprets according to what they mean to the dreamer, until they understand what is means to them. She can answer general questions about dreams or help you understand how your dreams can lead to greater self-awareness. self-confidence and self-love.

She has a Process to interpret dreams:

  1. You need to Believe that a dream has answers for you
  2. Notice the feelings in the dream
  3. Understand how this relates to your life
  4. Honor the information that is discovered
  5. Take action to honor the dream

There is a term called Dream Recrafting where you can go into a dream and reconstruct the ending to have it have the ending that you want. Especially if this is a nightmare or you are a victim in the dream.  You can recraft it to become the superhero instead of being a victim. 

Or you can do this after the dream through rewriting the ending.

Some of the most frequent dreams are of fear, being naked or losing teeth.

Debbie is happy to answer general questions about dreams or help you understand how your dreams can lead to greater self-awareness. self-confidence and self-love.

Go to her website: and click on the link to schedule an appointment for a complementary 30-minute Dream Discovery Session, her email-

Debbie has her own podcast Dream Life coach on Dream Power Radio

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