July 20, 2020

Podcast 3: Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Introduction to anxiety simplified

3 Ways to deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks -Part 1 

Subtitle: Effects of dealing with Anxiety, What causes severe anxiety? 

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW explains the:

  • Definition of Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Public Speaking is #1 Anxiety
  • Anxiety as a Disorder 
  • Treatment Options with Cognitive Behavioral Treatment 
  • Questions: How do you know if someone has anxiety? 
  • Washington Post Article on the Shadow Pandemic from Corona Virus 
  • 5 minutes Relief Now guided meditation at the end of narrative or podcast.

Next podcast episode: Understanding how to Stop Panic attacks or Is there a Cure for Panic attacks? Part 2.

Our favorite part of recording is answering your questions, from Face book at  Leave comments in the comment section, we will answer on a Podcast on that subject.  So, listen for your question.  Or share it with someone who may be helped with that answer.

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