November 3, 2021

Podcast 66: Social, Mental, Physical, and Emotional Well Being

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Improving Emotional Health Naturally for Total Wellness, with a Certified Wellness Coach

I am welcoming back Eva from a previous podcast # 31 called “What do you do when doctors say they don’t know, stages of healing?”

Eva Vennari, NC Nutritional Counselor, and Certified Wellness Coach that I am working with personally and have had unbelievable results from hot flashes, stomach irritation to other gastric issues, rashes, and blood sugar issues that are really turning around using her REVEAL program.

Eva is a formerly sick corporate ladder climber turned holistic practitioner that works virtually with high performers as their secret weapon to stay in the game without burnout. 

emotional health and well being

She says Some of the things that you think you knew about emotional health and well being you will want to re-think to refine your own version of wellness.

She believes in the saying of “Living on purpose with awareness". We revisits what was considered normal and redefine your own level of wellness.

We redefine aging. The level of Inflammation that we achieve by not living on purpose and living more by default ages us. We live by default feeling pressures from people who put expectations on us adding to our stress level that becomes normal.

True stress has to deal with the internal communication within your body. It is the response to your life that can create Inflammation. Inflammation can be passed by generation that can start from the beginning at birth.

mental health and emotional health

For Imbalance of metabolism, even the best products your body may not be able to handle, even if the commercials on TV say so. You need to know what your body needs.

Eva does Hair analysis as your body’s trash report. There is no doorman for everything that comes into your body.

On this hair test she is able to see how your metabolism is working, how you are creating new cells and the quality of those new cells, your hormones if they are being absorb and utilize as well as the toxin absorption and these are all stories where we can get our specificity.

Healing reactions is revealing the older layer of metabolism. The body is now able to correct those imbalances. The body can only heal something when it has the energy it needs to do that job.

social and emotional wellbeing

There are 4 stages to a complete emotional health and well being:

She described the 4 stages of healing:

  1. The body will only deal with the immediate needs, it must Build up the energy needed first. Survival is always first.
  2. Healing process starts with needing to break down what is needed to be healed.
  3. Clear the way of the toxins, parasites, viruses, in layers.
  4. Rebuilding, allowing the body’s natural process of healing to happen with time and patience.

Eva becomes the coach and support system as symptoms arise through the process. 

social and emotional well being

She has scientific methods to analyze the mineral content in your hair with each stage of the healing process to reassess to clarify your body’s needs.

She sees that the clash between the head and the heart is part of the incoherence that causes the diseases without recognizing that we are a whole unit that needs to work in conjunction with each part to create the synergy of healing and optimal health

Eva Vennari’s website

She is offering a free Chinese Face Reading on her website. You send a selfie, and she will do an analysis that can show you health issues

She has her own Podcast: ‘When the Doctors Say I don’t Know’.

This is by no means a replacement for therapy or any medical attention if you need it.  Always reach out and take care of yourself or if you are feeling like you want to hurt yourself, there is always someone standing by at 1800-273-8255 or call 911.

Go to our website There is a free download worksheet and a Course of Conquer Your Panic Attacks. Podcast videos to feel more in control of your life.

ESA for an emotional support animal or a Psychiatric Service Dog to go with you everywhere you go

YouTube Channel: Anxiety Simplified Podcast: for the videos of the podcasts

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