April 27, 2021

Podcast 44: Isolation Struggles with Covid from a College Students Perspective

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How Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD) can help the struggle of Loneliness and add more meaning and Purpose during Isolation

Podcast (Audio Only)

The summary of today show is a very timely subject of how to cope with the struggles of isolation in a the times of the Pandemic.

Interview with my guest Nicole Cimmarusti who is a college student at UC Davis in California studying Psychology. She interviews Joanne on how Covid 19 has impacted people in general and client with Emotional Support Animals  (ESAs) and Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD).  

Nicole started off by sharing why she wants to do her paper on emotional support animals and how they can help with the feelings of Isolation through the pandemic and ways to cope better.

We discussed working with ESAs and PSDs and how it can help with anxiety to fly. Joanne works with clients who need an Emotional Support Animals (ESA) or a Psychiatric Service Dog. (PSD) and the difference between them.

ESAs need to help with a daily functioning, like sleep, concentration or socializing and the law is now only for housing and it is under the FHA.  

The law for PSD is under the Americas with Disabilities Act (ADA) and they can go anywhere with the person.  The dog needs to be “trained” to do a task to help them with their psychological diagnosis.

Suggestions to help with isolations for building daily habits to not let drama take your focus off your goals and to focus forward on solutions, instead of focusing on problems.

How to get a Psychiatric Service Dog, and how to get a Emotional Support Animal.  Find a dog at a shelter that matches your energy level and emotional needs to calm or comfort you or helps by noticing your anxiety is rising that come over and calms your anxiety or depression. Dogs can help with isolation during the pandemics.

Connecting with others is really important for dealing with isolation, reach out in other in any way that will.

Suicides have increased because of isolation call the hot line 1800-273-8255. Reach out to a professional. There is a current Shadow Pandemic with mental health issues rising.

Campus resources for counseling. But less access because of demand. Interns are not allowed to do in-person sessions because of Covid.

Some of the interview questions she asked and we explored in the podcast.

  • How has the pandemic affected the need for emotional support animals?
  • What’s the difference between an ESA and PSD and who qualifies?
  • How has the pandemic affected your business of certifying with emotional support animals?
  • More personally, how have you been coping with the isolation of the pandemic and what would you recommend for people struggling?

Nicole and Joanne described the affect of isolation and losses from the Pandemic.

This is by no means a replacement for therapy of any medical attention if you need it.  Always reach out and take care of yourself or if you are feeling like you want to hurt yourself, there is always someone standing by at 1800-273-8255 or call 911. Remember to Share the Love.

Or check out other videos of the podcast at AnxietySimplified.net

Or go to https://esapros.com for an emotional support animal or a Psychiatric Service Dog to go with you everywhere to give you the support you need.

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